FREE DOWNLOAD - Viva Guide to SBPT2019!

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With this years Spring Break Portugal fast approaching, It’s only right that we release this years Viva Mag!

We’ve created another amazing guide with all the necessary information about Spring Break Portugal 2019. For those of you unaware, our e-Magazines come in PDF format and can be downloaded directly on to your phone.

This year, we’ve included loads of information about all the events and we’ve included information on airport transfers, hotel checkin/checkout and Google Map links to help you with directions. Furthermore, we’ve included a checklist of things that you’ll most likely need at Spring Break Portugal 2019.

It’s the perfect Spring Break Portugal companion and saves you loads of time, so make sure you download it as soon as possible.

Last but not least, we’ve created our Spring Break Portugal 2019 WhatsApp Group Chat. Click Here to join our group, or better yet, download our Viva e-Mag and join from there.