Beauty dilemmas everyone encounters on Spring Break & how to avoid them
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You’ve been looking forward to spring break since… well let’s face it, last spring break! Only for you to get there and experience things like allergies, rashes and sunburn! Issa NO from me! I want to have that golden tan, be refreshed, hydrated and ready to laugh and dance till the sun comes up. Here's a few best practices on how to avoid it all going wrong:

1. Dehydration

Let’s start with keeping your skin and body hydrated. The travel time... the plane... the sun and all that alcohol will literally suck all the moisture from your body. Why not start with a hydrating face mask for the plane ride? You can get one as cheap as 99p and your skin will love you for it. Personally, my favourite is the 'Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet mask' and boys don’t be shy— It’s 2018 and we're all taking care of our skin now too.

Next, make sure you get a good hydrating body cream. 'Aveeno' is my go to and I also use this for my face. It’s all natural and has oat in it which is soothing and locks moisture (you can also get it prescribed by your doctor if your skin is dry or you’re broke … no one is judging!). Also make sure that you drink lots of water throughout the day, ready for the cocktails in the evening!

2. Sun-burn

Now let’s talk Suntan lotion and getting your skin ready for the sun (ESPECIALLY if you come from England). It’s a myth that you can’t tan whilst wearing factor 50, so I recommend that you get a high SPF/UVA waterproof lotion and apply every few hours. If you want to get the best tan, start with applying a tan accelerator such as 'Fox Tan' a few days before going. This contains ingredients which stimulate skin cells to produce that magical melanin, helping you tan faster when exposed to the sun! No one wants to look like a lobster after day one and if you do unfortunately burn, the best solution is some pure Aloe Vera gel which will soothe and moisturise your skin.

3. Irritation and allergies

Being in another climate, you can experience all sorts of annoyances. Things like heat rash, irritated eyes due to chlorine and salt water, mosquito bites and reactions etc, etc. I hate to sound all boring 'Mum' on you when all you want to do is forget your parents for the week, but it’s so beneficial that you make a small ‘first aid kit’ to take with you, so you’re not running to the chemist and spending your drink money on basics that you can get back at home for free (and on a party holiday it’s kind of part of your essentials). Things like eye drops, pain killers, plasters, vaseline, anti-histamines (those are allergy tablets like Benadryl) and insect repellants are usually things most people have anyway. Just pack them in a small zip-lock bag and you will be prepared for almost anything that could go wrong … and believe me! Things don’t always go to plan (just ask DJ Step about his ‘man don’t burn’ incident).

What are your best tips for avoiding beauty dilemmas whilst at spring break? Leave us a comment and let us know! See you next year.

Welcome back to Spring Break Portugal

Welcome back! It's been roughly two months now, since we were in Portugal raving for 5 days & nights non-stop till 7am; eating lunch and drinking cocktails by the beach; visiting the waterpark or just recovering in our beds from the insane night out before (Oh, how time flies when you're having fun!). 

Since our return, we have been overwhelmed with a massive amount of positive feedback and suggestions that we received from everyone that joined us (a massive thank-you to everyone). Unfortunately, It's taken us a while to sort through all the comments but it's safe to say that we got there eventually.

With that being said, it's a pleasure to announce that the website is now officially available — Woop! As you can imagine, we've already begun cooking-up plans for next year and we've been hiding away creating this brand new website for you. It has definitely been a lot of work, but as always, it's all been worth it.

If you've managed to take a close look at the site, you would have noticed that we've added some new features such as the 'media gallery', 'shop' and a brand new 'blog' site! We've already uploaded a cool selection of photos and videos from last year in our media gallery. Plus, we have some soon-to-become-available Spring Break Portugal merchandise on the way. We'll also be posting articles about SBPT2019, plus our brand new podcast - The Group Chxt, and other awesome content such hints, tips, promotional offers and more on our blog page.

Furthermore, It is also a pleasure to announce that tickets for SBPT2019 are now available! Tickets are available online via 'Eventbrite' (and other ticket sellers) and you can now pay in instalments to help spread the cost.

In addition, we've listened to your feedback and amongst other things we've added more day-time activities such as go-karting, waterpark and the boat party. All day time activities can be purchased as extra add-ons when selecting your package.

We'll be adding more features and making more announcements in the weeks leading up to SBPT2019, but for now that's all.

It's still early days, as you know, but we HIGHLY suggest securing your place as soon as possible because next year is looking MAD! Make sure you don't leave it too late as prices are also due to increase. 

Hopefully Spring Break Portugal isn't too far a distant memory and you're looking forward to celebrating our 5th anniversary next year, just as much as we are. In the meanwhile download our free SBPT2019 e-Mag — 'Viva', to discover what we have planned for Spring Break Portugal 2019.